Daily Vegetable Export from India – Dubai from Mandya ,Mysuru and Mangalure Aircargo

We are th e known Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of a wide assortment of high quality and Fresh Vegetables. Our range is inclusive of okra, ginger, lemon, capsicum, beetroot, tomato, cauliflower, eggplant/brinjal, carrot, drumstick, cabbage, mint, coriander leaf, small onion and big onion, keerai, snake gourd, ash gourd, pumpkin and more. Fresh Vegetables that we offer are organically cultivated and free from the treatments of harmful chemicals and pesticides, we offer bulk quantities in safe packaging and at affordable price. call WA 9448152066


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We are agent /broker we BUY/SELL/RENT/ LEASE Land, Plots, Houses, Homes, Villas, Flats, and Bungalows in Mangalore, Udupi and Manipal. We also deal TEMPORARY RENTAL. HOLIDAY RENTALFor sale :single bed or two bed room flat ready available at MANIPAL and MANAGALORE .


For sale : NEAR NH17 BANGLOW WITH 1 ARC LAND FOR 1 CORE near udyavara

BEACH front place at Malpe , mangalore , kaup, India. WITH HOUSE 20 LAKHS for 10 cents

Manipal: A two and single bed room available behind university building,KMC or MIT MANIPAL

Mangalore for rent : MAHARAJA 2bed room near KMC, Light house hill, Mangalore.

Bangalore :anjanapura site for sale 262 30*40 – 1100 psqft

Udupi :9 cent site near Krishna temple 2lakhs per cents

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Manipal :2 acrs land for sale good for flat

For sale: 20 cents converted land near MGM EMHS Udupi

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We are at Manipalmart working hard to get Women Entrepreneur onto IT pathway. We are connecting home maker to exhibit their talents and be financially independent. And every tools are user friendly and free to use at ManipalMart. We encourage women and locals to use facilities and enrolled with us. We also provide them branding as well. we believe in “Talents to exhibit”. We are working right now only Udupi-Manipal. Some Ideas to share with E.g: Food Delivery, Paying Guest, Event Management Etc.Every products of women entrepreneur is displayed and marketed by ManipalMart, We act as delivery Agent only. We are also into Event Managements, Party organizers.


Every morning a gazelle gets up, it knows it has to run faster than the fastest lion in order to survive.
Every morning a lion gets up, it knows it has to run faster than the fastest gazelle in order to feed itself.
It does not matter whether you are a gazelle or a lion; every morning you get up, you have to run….

Out of all the hurdles that are strewn in our paths, exams are one of its kind. They come with ‘auspicious’ date and time, when the whole of humanity is placed in the same cauldron and burnt in the fire of competition. Our ancestors wailed and cried that hard work was the only key to success, and this was ardently followed, until a revolutionary in the field of ‘laziness’ discovered that last moment ‘ramming’ of subjects brought some decent amount of success and lit the tunnel of examination with a flickering ray of hope.

And so, even today, few of the students are known to work hard, study regularly and familiarize with the subject, try to become the undisputed Heavyweight champions of their industry, others metamorphose into pressure cookers at the end moment and mug every nook and crannies of the book (including articles, pronouns, punctuations and even the page numbers). The last of the lot are unable to break free from the shackles of the ‘ Inertia of Enjoyment ( when a body is enjoying, it will continue to have a blast no matter what external stimulus is provided )’ and remain trapped in their world of ‘Legen-wait for it-DARY Stinsons ‘ and ‘Geeky Coopers’ .

The buildup to the exams are intense- burning the midnight oil has become a mere understatement; students are known to light up the daylight and twilight oil as well. Superstitions begin to magnify in the engineering minds. The number of days to an examination are inversely proportional to the congregation of devotees found at the temple, and the eve of examinations sees a capacity crowd at the temple striking deals with their respective Gods.

The red-letter day arrives and hoards of ubiquitous faces filled with anxiety are forced to experience their worst nightmares. During the stipulated time of the paper, few hearts are grappled by pain,several heads toss and turn in disdain and some of them remain to gain the ripe fruits of fortitude.
While the entry into the hall sees one expression on everybody’s visage, the return brings diverse reactions:

1. The Know-it-alls: These group of people are elected as the speakers for the discussion of the paper and their answers are declared final and binding.

2. The Curious Cats: They move from one herd to another in other to confirm their answers to questions.

3. The Diplomatic gents : They are known to have poor knowledge of terms ‘nice and okay’ and end up using these words on being asked how well they faced the onslaught.

4. The Deceivers: They are known to masters of equivocation, and often mislead the crowd with their responses.

5. The Whiner: They are known to moan and complain after every paper and are mostly ignored by their fellowmen.

6. The Poker-faced: They run out of exam halls and back to their abode ignoring any friend or foe wanting to talk to them.

However, the after-exam walk of shame is known to produce loads of creativity in the minds of students, especially when they go out of their way to explain how badly their exams went. They compare their imagination to that of a camel and their present state to a dilapidated drum. A EEE student was heard telling his friends that his condition in the examination hall was similar to that of Munaf Patel while facing Dale Steyn. “Exams, why don’t you just shoot me instead?” ask students, personifying in deep angst.

Well, the exams do come and go, but the pain lingers. And, as we all know, the only thing worse than taking bad exams are the results to those exams. Students, filled with trepidation, open the results, and either way, be it good or bad, remain in a state of shock for the next set of minutes, before rejoicing or grumbling over their results.
And then, a new semester begins. New oaths are taken. New resolutions are made. New books are bought. New subjects are studied. But then, a new episode of a ducky show is downloaded….and as the laptop opens, and with it, so does the world of FIFA, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, life once again comes to a stand-still . We ‘keep calm’, and the universe, once again works its usual magic on us.

– Anant Ved